A Brief Guide to Level 3 Assisted Living Care

While looking at different senior living communities, you may have come across the term “assisted living levels of care.” A person’s level of care depends on how much assistance they require for activities of daily living, like eating, bathing, and toileting. Level 1 care offers minimal assistance, but seniors who need more help qualify for level 3 care.

If you’re exploring assisted living facility in Livingston, NJ, here’s a guide to level 3 assisted living care.


What Do the Levels of Care Mean in Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities provide help to seniors who require a greater level of care. Many aspects of assisted living depend on a resident’s care level, including the kind of help, the frequency of care, and the price. Most facilities offer residents the advantage of selecting a care plan that suits their needs, with care levels between 1 and 3.

Level 1 care is for independent seniors who may need occasional help taking their medication or doing laundry. Level 2 care offers more hands-on attention from caregivers for health-related assistance, such as monitoring blood sugar levels. Level 3 is the highest level of care assisted living facilities offer.

What Is Level 3 Assisted Living Care?

Level 3 care is also known as enhanced assisted living. Residents in level 3 care require extensive, one-on-one assistance in performing activities of daily living, including:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Eating
  • Communicating
  • Using toilet facilities

Most residents who require level 3 care live with some type of physical ailment that requires daily assistance. Since these seniors may have difficulty making decisions, a caregiver is around to provide help with complex tasks and assist with taking medications. Residents in level 3 may have a greater risk of falling or other safety concerns.

Level 3 residents are more likely to suffer from mild to moderate dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, primary caregivers receive a higher level of training to provide intensive one-on-one attention and care.

Benefits of Level 3 Care

Medical Care

A level 3 assisted living facility can provide more care than you can at home. Facilities have professional caregivers to care for your one’s well-being. Many facilities maintain a staff of medical professionals available 24 hours daily to respond to urgent medical situations.

Personal Care and Safety

Level 3 care provides peace of mind to families of seniors who need extra support. Staff members are always present to provide personal care to residents. It’s common for assisted living facilities to have monitored entrances to deter intruders and to ensure that residents do not wander.

Daily Activities

Growing older presents many challenges, including a greater sense of isolation. Residents in level 3 assisted living facilities share meals and participate in organized activities with one another. Most facilities encourage participation in music, reading, and painting.

How Are the Levels of Care Determined?

If you aren’t sure which level of care you need, the assisted living facility can help you decide. A nurse will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, which may include:

  • Taking a medical history of health conditions like diabetes
  • Determining oxygen needs or other advanced therapies
  • Performing a physical assessment of your dexterity and ability to walk unsupported

The nurse will document the results to create a long-term care plan to give you the care you need.

The Next Level of Care: Nursing Home Near Me

Assisted living offers care for residents but cannot provide 24-hour medical care. Nursing homes have the facilities to care for patients with dementia and chronic illnesses. Some residents may need to shift into skilled nursing homes if they develop more complex medical conditions.

Assisted Living Near Me

The Society House understands that finding the appropriate level of care is just as important as finding the right assisted living community. We preserve our resident’s independence by providing personal services and luxury retirement living in Livingston, NJ. This city of 29,000 has a rural community atmosphere with fun activities, including Livingston Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey Ballet, and Riker Hill Art Park.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the costs and Medicare coverage in assisted living.

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