Diferrence Between Assisted Living Facility And A Nursing Home

How Is an Assisted Living Facility Different From a Nursing Home?

If you’ve just started researching senior homes for yourself or your loved one, you may need to learn about your options. An assisted living facility in Livingston, NJ, may provide the environment you need, or your loved one may need the more rigorous services offered by a nursing home. This article explains the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home, so you can confidently move forward in your living transition or ensure your family member receives the level of care they need.


What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities are residential communities for people who need help with daily living. Depending on size, an assisted living facility may have a dozen residents or hundreds. Like a retirement community, it provides support but not 24/7 monitoring.

Assisted living facility residents live in private rooms or apartments, often featuring kitchenettes for small meal preparation. These facilities assist with many daily activities, such as cooking, laundry, and cleaning, removing these burdens from the shoulders of aging or injured residents. Assisted living staff may also help with medication management but may not provide other healthcare services.

Why Would Someone Need Assisted Living?

Assisted living best suits seniors who want to maintain independence but can no longer manage all home responsibilities without help. For example, if you or a loved one struggles to keep the house clean or prepare healthy meals, it may be time to transition into assisted living.

What Is a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes provide higher levels of care for residents who require 24/7 support. A person may temporarily move to a nursing home while managing an injury or illness or require long-term care by healthcare professionals. A nursing home typically provides more services than an assisted living facility, including help with bathing, dressing, and eating. While assisted living may have a registered nurse on call, nursing homes often have in-house doctors and nurses.

Why Would Someone Need a Nursing Home?

Nursing home residents often require around-the-clock care and supervision for chronic illnesses or limited mobility. For example, you or your family member may benefit from a nursing home if a worsening medical condition causes debilitating memory loss or confusion.

How Do Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes Compare?

Before you type “assisted living facility or nursing home near me” into your go-to search engine, consider the following to decide which level of care best suits your situation:

Level of Care

While assisted living facilities help with daily activities, such as cooking and cleaning, they do not provide the same level of care as nursing homes, which monitor residents 24/7. Assisted living residents receive help but live pretty independently. It’s common for seniors to move into assisted living before transitioning into a nursing home.

Offered Services

Nursing homes offer more services than assisted living facilities because residents are typically not as mobile or independent. They provide the same laundry, cleaning, and cooking services as assisted living facilities, but nursing homes also offer regular medical assistance and rehabilitative care.


Assisted living facilities tend to charge lower monthly fees than nursing homes because they don’t provide the same level of care. That said, the cost of your assisted living or nursing home facility will depend on where you live and which facility you choose.

Boutique Assisted Living in Livingston, NJ

Many seniors transitioning into assisted living prefer smaller, boutique facilities with only a couple dozen residents. Here at The Society House, we offer luxury boutique assisted living in Livingston, NJ. Our warm and intimate facility exists in a luxury single-family house and aims to make every resident feel at home.

Our 15-resident home offers beautiful communal spaces and all the services you expect from an assisted living facility. We take care of cleaning, laundry, and preparing all meals and snacks, so our residents can enjoy the library, sun deck, or happy hour lounge. We also distribute medication and offer massages and physical therapy through our Wellness Center.

Before you type “assisted living near me” into a search engine, book a tour at The Society House. Call us today at 973-994-1797 for more information and answers to questions about Medicare and assisted living.

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