What Is the Male-to-Female Resident Ratio in Assisted Living Facility Care?

An assisted living facility can be the ideal long-term care option for seniors who want to combine independence and privacy with peace of mind and the necessary daily living help. If you’re looking into assisted living communities, it’s important to know how facilities of this type work. Specifically, who is the typical assisted living facility resident, and why are there more women than men in assisted living?

Below, the team at The Society House, which provides assisted living services in Livingston, NJ, discusses the gender ratios in assisted living.


Assisted Living: General Statistics

More than 800,000 American seniors reside in assisted living facilities today, making up the vast majority of senior residential care users. Close to 29,000 assisted living facilities operate across the United States.

Approximately 70% of Americans will require assisted living care at some point. With rising lifespans, the demand for assisted living facilities is growing. According to industry experts, by 2040, assisted living facilities in the U.S. will add another million beds.

Over 50% of assisted living facility residents are older than 85, while only 7% are under 65. The typical resident is an 87-year-old female who needs help with some daily activities like healthcare management, eating, or dressing.

However, these days, even younger and more active seniors seek the convenience of assisted living, which allows residents to preserve an active lifestyle with a custom-tailored level of daily assistance.

Why Do Assisted Living Facilities Have So Many More Women Than Men?

According to ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America), the ratio of men to women in assisted living communities is 1:7 on average. The reason for this striking gender disparity is simple: Statistically, women live seven years longer than men. Additionally, male seniors are likelier to suffer from chronic conditions that call for advanced medical care that is beyond the scope of the average assisted living facility.

Nevertheless, the average lifespan for men shows a promising growth trend. SSA’s statistics say that the average 65-year-old man today may expect to reach the age of 84.3 (compared to 86.6 for women). As male seniors live to a more advanced age and retain their basic independence longer, we may expect to see more men residing in assisted living facilities in the future.

Finally, every assisted living community has its unique dynamics. Some facilities have comparatively younger demographics and/or higher numbers of men. To gain a realistic impression, visit any assisted living center you’re considering for yourself or your family member and see local community life in action.

Who Is a Good Candidate for an Assisted Living Facility vs. a Nursing Home?

In the past, seniors and their families had two basic long-term care options: to arrange for in-home care or start looking for a “nursing home near me.” Today, more and more senior residents who want to enjoy a home-like living environment opt for an assisted living facility.

High-end assisted living facilities like The Society House in Livingston, NJ, provide different levels of care depending on the residents’ needs—from Level 1 (minimal assistance) to Level 3, which includes help with eating, communicating, bathing, using the bathroom, and more. Assisted living facilities can often provide more attentive and personalized care for seniors while helping residents maintain an independent lifestyle.

Assisted Living in Livingston, NJ

Livingston Township in Essex County, NJ, is a terrific location choice for seniors moving into an assisted living facility. This NYC suburb combines a quiet small-town atmosphere with a convenient distance from central shopping and entertainment venues. Most importantly, the Livingston, NJ, area hosts many first-rate clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Livingston boasts an overall A+ location grade and ranks #3 in Essex County’s top places to live. Livingston Township is a highly safe, family-friendly area with a vibrant community life.

The Society House: Assisted Living “Near Me” in Livingston, NJ

At The Society House, we unite luxury and security in an exclusive boutique assisted living facility. Whether you only need minimal assistance with daily activities or Level 3 assisted living care, our facility will provide all your needs. You’ll also enjoy a sumptuous lifestyle, peace of mind, complete privacy, and a convenient location in the prestigious Bel Air Section, only 15 miles from Manhattan.

Contact us at The Society House to find out more about our assisted living facility.

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